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After working in the construction industry for 25 years, Ron Prosch brings you his expertise for home inspection and radon control. As the client, you are always welcome to be present for inspections, receiving one-on-one guidance throughout. Whether you are looking to buy a home, want a second opinion on your contractor’s progress or need a new home warranty inspection, Ron is there to look out for your best interests.

Home Inspection
Complete Home Inspection
Includes roof inspection
Immediate reports available
Radon Testing
Complete Radon Testing
48 hours minimum testing
Follow up monitoring
Radon Mitigation
$2075 + Permits
Active system
Seemed knowledgeable and helpful.
Mary L
Saint Paul, MN
February 03, 2018
Ron was great! As a first time home buyer, he not only made me feel at ease about the inspection, he made me feel confident about moving into my home. While inspecting all the appliances, he walked me through using them, and told me how to maintain them. He also made sure that I knew where all of the important safety shut-off were. The inspection report was sent the next day! Highly recommended!!!
Latonya S.
Minneapolis, MN
November 11, 2017


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